Endpoint Protection

Enrollsy uses industry leading endpoint protection

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While Enrollsy is a cloud solution, there are times when in our capacity to support you, you may share a data file with us or request that we download some/all of your data to import it or perform some other action.

You need to know that the devices we access your data are secure. That's what endpoint protection is about, and Enrollsy uses industry-leading endpoint protection.

Endpoint Protection

Enrollsy uses a service that scans each employee's computer daily for Malware and PUAs.

In addition to these daily scans, Enrollsy pays for a proactive, managed threat response team that will analyze threats to Enrollsy's devices and work to remediate any issue that may come up.

Protecting Your Endpoints

We highly recommend that clients use endpoint protection for their work and personal devices. If you haven't already purchased endpoint protection, you can learn more about an excellent endpoint protection service here.

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