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Web Application Firewall
Web Application Firewall

Enrollsy uses a web application firewall (WAF) to protect against common threats to security and availability

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Enrollsy's Web Application (WAF) sits in front of our application, inspecting each inbound request for attack patterns that match an extensive threat database, known bad IPs, and custom rules we have configured.

Enrollsy's Web Application Firewall

This automatically:

  • Speeds up how fast Enrollsy loads (CDN)

  • Protects Enrollsy from CSRF, XSS, and SQL injection attacks

  • Stops brute-force admin attacks

  • Helps meet PCI/HIPAA/CCPA and GDPR compliance requirements

  • Stops DDOS floods via Captcha or “real browser” tests

  • Lets us password-protect specific pages

  • Lets us block any IP4/IPv6 address or range from accessing your site

Advantages of our WAF

Identifies DDoS attacks and abusive traffic

Automated bots continually search the web for vulnerable applications, performing actions like:

  • Scanning for unsecured admin screens

  • Identifying frameworks with known vulnerabilities

  • Brute-forcing passwords

  • Submitting bogus forms to reveal sensitive information

  • Helps identify all of these malicious actions.

Protect against attacks

Because software vulnerabilities can be exploited within hours of their discovery, timely security patching can still fail to protect against every threat. Expedited WAF uses different intrusion detection methods to provide an additional layer of security for your applications.

Speeds up Enrollsy

Expedited WAF’s network servers are located around the globe, meaning you can potentially improve your app’s latency while monitoring for attacks.

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