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How to Create Age Restrictions on Programs
How to Create Age Restrictions on Programs

Need to restrict Programs based on age? Enrollsy has you covered!

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If you need to ensure that Enrollees fall within a specific age range, you can set parameters. Age restrictions are set on the Program level, NOT on the Class level.

NOTE: Age restrictions are based on the birthdate field of your Enroll Form. You have to have this field visible for age restrictions to work. If you create a different birthdate field, the age restrictions will NOT work.

To do this, go to the Program Page and click on the pencil icon beside the Program. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Enroll Form Section

Click on or scroll down to the Enroll Form section. Click the box beside "Is enrollment conditional on age?"

Step 2 - Choose Ages

The first section of the dialog lets you pick the youngest age allowed.

youngest age allowed

The second section lets you pick the oldest age allowed.

Oldest age allowed

NOTE: You can have the youngest age restriction without the oldest age restriction and visa-versa.

Step 3 - Optional Date

The final section is optional, allowing you to set a date on which to apply these restrictions. If no date is selected in this step, the age restrictions will be enforced using the Enrollee's birthdate and the enrollment date.

set a date on age restrictions in Enrollsy


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