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About Subscription Program Costs
About Subscription Program Costs

Learn about this Program Cost that is a set amount due at intervals

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Subscription cost is not known in full because it is a set amount due at a certain interval until canceled (hence, no pay-in-full options). However, you can create different subscription Payment Plans, each with its own unique costs.

subscription pricing in Enrollsy

Subscription Pricing is best for Programs or Classes where the price of the Program/Class gets invoiced and paid on a fixed frequency that recurs from the date of enrollment until canceled (monthly, weekly, etc.).

For example, let's say you want to use Enrollsy to manage subscriptions for a service or software plan. You need to charge $200/month every month until the customer cancels.

Payment Plans

The only Payment Plan that works with Subscription is the Subscription Payment Plan.

In this Payment Plan, you will add your Subscription Payments, such as "Class Fee" or "Tuition." This fee reflects whatever your Payment Plan is set at (weekly, monthly, etc.). For example, if your fee is $150/month, and your Subscription Payment Plan is set at monthly, the amount would be $150.

You can also include other fees due at Enrollment under "Due at Enrollment." In this example, it's a Material Fee of $25.

subscription payment plan in Enrollsy

See this support article for the steps to create a Subscription Payment Plan.

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