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How to Assist Your Customers in Logging in to Enrollsy
How to Assist Your Customers in Logging in to Enrollsy

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When your customers have issues logging into Enrollsy, you will need to assist them as an administrator.

Same Email Address in Two Accounts

If a customer contacts you with trouble logging in, the first thing you should do is check to be sure the customer's e-mail address is not also being used as a secondary account holder in a different account.

The same email address cannot be used in two different accounts. You will need to either delete the email or change it before they will be allowed to log in.

Step 1 - Sign-In Page

The first step is to ask your customer: “How did you attempt to access your Enrollsy sign-in page?”

The reason is that customers can get creative when trying to access their accounts. We have seen them use enrollment links, the Admin link, and the Instructor link. We have also seen customers try to sign in from our website. When they do that, they will see the following message:

consumer message on Enrollsy website

If they were using an account link you (or another Admin) provided them, they ARE in the right place! If they have no idea, then do this:

  • Account Sign-In Link: Head over to your My Company page (upper-right corner of the Enrollsy app). Under your company logo will be a list of links. Click on the “Account Sign In” icon to copy the link. Paste it in an email or text message to your customer.

    links to sign in and password reset in Enrollsy

  • Website Sign-In Link: Direct them to your website if you have an account sign-in link on your company website. We recommend linking somewhere on your website where customers can easily access their accounts without assistance. You can do this easily with the new "Embed Enrollsy on your site" link and choosing "Customer Sign-In."

Step 2 - Password Reset

If that does not solve the problem, the customer could reset their password in one of two ways:

  1. The customer can click the “Request Password” button on the Account Sign-In page OR…

  2. An Admin (you) can send them a reset link. This link is called “Account Password Reset” on the My Company page (see screenshot above). Click the icon to copy this link and send it via email or text to your customer.

These actions will send them a password reset email (this email will go to the PRIMARY account holder’s email address). The customer will need to click on the link within 2 hours, or it will expire.

NOTE: When a reset password email is generated to the customer account, only the most recent email's link will work to reset the password. Generating many reset password emails in a row is not advised because doing so will invalidate previously generated emails.

Step 3 - Password Reset Email

Sometimes customers will say they have hit the reset button or clicked the password reset link but did not receive the password reset email. There are a few reasons this may be:

  • Spam: The email may have gone to their spam/junk folder. Tell them to double-check there first.

  • Incorrect Email: Verify the customer’s email address to ensure it is the same email address in their account. Remember, this is the Primary Account Holder’s email address (unless the Primary Account Holder gave the Secondary Account Holder account access). This support article describes how to grant access (hint: you can send this to the Primary Account Holder).

    NOTE: If an Account Holder (Primary OR Secondary) has the same email in a different account, their login WILL NOT WORK. You will have to delete the other instance of their email.

  • Whitelist Us: If neither of the steps above works, inform your customer to whitelist by following these instructions.


In summary, if your customer says, “I can’t log in!” ask them how they accessed the sign-in page. If they are in the right place, send them a reset link. Send them the correct sign-in link if they’re in the wrong place. Verify their email address to make sure they receive the password reset email.

After all those steps have been taken, and if the customer STILL can’t log in, you (or another Admin user) will need to contact us directly through the chat button in Enrollsy. (That’s the little blue circle in the lower-right corner).

Please DO NOT have the customer contact us directly. We prefer to work directly with our client (which is you or another Admin user).

More About Passwords

According to various sources, most people (upwards of 60%) use the same passwords for personal and work accounts. Another staggering statistic is that 67% of Americans use the same password for multiple accounts.

Why is this a bad thing? When over 50% of data breaches and cyberattacks are due to compromised login credentials, you'd think we would be a little more careful. The reality is that cloud security is the responsibility of each user as much as it is the provider's responsibility.

If your organization has many Admins and Instructors and would like to get a better password management solution in place, Enrollsy can help you through our partnership with 1Password. Contact us for more information or special pricing.

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