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How to Add a Customer Login to your Website
How to Add a Customer Login to your Website

Easily add a button or text link for your customers to sign in to Enrollsy

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We highly recommend companies add a Customer Login link or button to your company website to make it easier for your customers to log into their Enrollsy account. Here's how:

Add to Website Button

Head to the Enroll page and click on the blue circle at the top right. Then click on "Add to website."

add enroll form to website in Enrollsy

Decide if you want a Button or a Text Link and click Continue.

add Enrollsy to your site

Design Options

Default Selected Page: The default page is the Enroll Form. You can also link to your Customer Sign-In page and a Gift Card page.

Design Settings - You can design the button how you want with these options:

  • Text - change the text to your liking. The default text is "Enroll Now"

  • Button Color - change the color of the button

  • Text Color - change the color of the text

  • Rounded corners - change the shape of the button

  • Text Size - change the size of the text

    add customer sign in button to website

  • Prefill Program Selection - This section is OPTIONAL. Here you can choose one or more of the following:

    • Specific Location

    • Specific Enrollment Period

    • Specific Program

      prefill program selection in Enrollsy

Embed Code

After completing the design, click the button to copy the code. Place this code in your page’s HTML where you’d like the Text Link/Button to appear. When a user clicks on the Text Link/Button, your Enrollsy form will appear as a sliding drawer.

NOTE: The image below is an example of the Text Link code, but the Button Code is the same.

embed enroll form code in Enrollsy
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