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How to Create Saved Views on the Enrollee Table
How to Create Saved Views on the Enrollee Table

Need to save columns and filtered views of the Enrollees Table? Now you can.

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What are Views?

Views are the filter and column preferences you set, which populate the Enrollees Table with the data you want to view, download, or take other actions. You may have renamed Enrollee to Participant or Student, in which case you'll be looking for that word in the left sidebar to locate the Table referenced in this article.

What is a Saved View?

Enrollsy Admins have long since been able to create custom Views. However, for Admins with custom reporting needs, particularly those who need to run multiple types of reports or filters regularly, there has not been a way to save these view (s). Until now.

Enrollees Table

The Enrollees Table has three areas to select: Enrollments, Accounts, and Enrollees. Saved Views are ONLY available in the Enrollments view. All buttons are aligned to the left: Views, Columns, and Filters.

Filtering and sorting columns to create views in Enrollsy

How to Create a Saved View

To create a Saved View, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Columns button and make sure to Show / Hide and Reorder the data columns for the view you want. Then click Done.

    Hiding, showing, and reordering data in the Enrollees table of Enrollsy

    Please note that you can currently only select up to 30 columns simultaneously.

  2. Click the Filter button and apply filters to the dataset.

    Applying filters to the Enrollees Table in Enrollsy

    NOTE: You can apply filters, columns, or both. Any single modification to the dataset will create a View.

  3. Click the Views button and the Save View button at the bottom of the drawer that slides over. Give your view a name and click Save.

    Naming and saving a View in Enrollsy's Enrollees Table

How to use a Saved View

You can create as many Saved Views as you need. To load a Saved View, click the Views button and select the Saved View you want.

saving a View in Enrollsy's Enrollees Table
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