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How to Add Other Languages to the Enroll Form
How to Add Other Languages to the Enroll Form

Need to have your enrollment include another language? Here's how

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Most of our customers are currently adding different languages to the Enroll Form.

Step 1 - Field Settings

Click the Field Settings cog on the Enroll Form default and custom fields to open the settings.

default field settings in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Use Hint Field

On the "Hint" field, add the field name in English and in the other language(s):

use hint field for language in Enrollsy

NOTE: You have to include the word in the language you want (see example above). Enrollsy does not translate words.

Step 3 - View Languages

The following is how this will look on the customer's side when they enroll:

view languages on Enrollsy enroll form
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