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About the Enroll Form's Formatted Content Field
About the Enroll Form's Formatted Content Field

Learn how you can format any Enroll Form field

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Access your Enroll Form by going to My Company > Forms > Enroll Form. Under the section you want to add a field, click the plus button and a list of the field elements will appear. Choose the "Formatted Content" option.

Formatted Content Field Features

The Formatted Content field is a feature that gives you ultimate flexibility in content in the Enroll Form Editor and is quite versatile. You can add a block of headings, paragraphs, lists, links, images, media (video), or tables.

Use Formatted Content when you want to add a block of text (paragraph or headings), links, photos, numbered or bulleted lists, date & time, or a table.

Clicking on the ellipsis will show the following menu for formatting your text, adding an image or video, etc.

Enrollsy's enroll form formatting field

Here are some ways you can use this field to add to your enrollment experience.

Change Text Formatting

You can format the text by changing the type from "Paragraph" to a Heading or changing the default font to another font. You can also bold, italicize, or underline text.

change text formatting in Enrollsy enroll form

Insert a Link

Insert a URL link and choose the text to display and the title.

insert a link in Enrollsy enroll form

Change Background/Text Color

Change the text or background color to preset colors or choose your own color.

change background or text color in Enrollsy enroll form

Change Alignment

Indent the paragraph or change the alignment to align left, center, right, or justified.

change alignment in Enrollsy enroll form

Add Bullet/Number Points

Add bullet or number points within your paragraph.

add bullet points to enroll form field in Enrollsy

Insert Special Character, Date/Time, or Table

Insert a special character, a date, a time, or a table (specifying rows & columns and table properties.

add special characters in Enrollsy enroll form

Special Character Search

add a table or date in Enrollsy enroll form field

Insert a date or table

Insert an Image

To add an image, click on the image icon within the Advanced settings. NOTE: The image has to be hosted somewhere. This can be in Google Photos (not Google Docs).

Open the image and right-click. Click on "Copy Image Address" and paste it into the "Source" box. A size should pop up under "width" and "height." Adjust this to fit the space. (NOTE: If the size does not show up, the source is not correct.)

insert an image in Enrollsy enroll form field
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