How to Remove Admin Users

Learn how to delete Users from the Admin page

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Sometimes you may have directors, managers, etc. that have moved on from your company and no longer need to be in Enrollsy as an Admin User. If you have any Admins that leave your company, please be sure to remove them from Enrollsy.

Remember that you have a limited number of users based on your selected plan package. You can always upgrade to more users for a monthly charge. If you are a non-profit, you are allowed 3 Admin users. If you are on the Pro Plan, you can add up to three additional Admin users for $30/month per user.

Steps to Remove an Admin User

Follow these steps to remove an Admin user:

  1. Head over to the My Company page. Once there, click on the "Users" tab and then "Admins."

  2. Once on the Admin page, click on the trashcan icon next to the name of the Admin User you wish to remove. A new window will pop up; click "Delete."

  3. Another message will pop up, ensuring you delete the correct user. Click "Delete Anyway" to continue.

    removing an admin in Enrollsy

  4. Notify Enrollsy via the chat bubble within the Enrollsy admin platform so we can be sure to take them off our mailing list.

Accidental Deletion

Did you mess up and accidentally delete the wrong one? No worries; there's an Undo button! Just click that button, and the User is back!

undo deletion of admin user in Enrollsy
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