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How to Edit Enrollment Period Payment Plans
How to Edit Enrollment Period Payment Plans

Learn how to edit main Payment Plans on your Programs

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If you need to edit an individual's Payment Plan, see this support article instead.

Important Information about Payment Plans - PLEASE READ!

  • Payment Plans are attached to the Program or Class. When you change someone's Enrollment (re-enrolling into another Program or Class, re-assigning to another Class or the Unassigned list, etc.), the original Payment Plan becomes invalid. While we have intentions to automate (or sem-automate) this in the future, for now, changing Enrollments requires additional effort to ensure everything works as expected for those who selected a Payment Plan at the time of enrollment.

  • Deactivated Enrollments remove Payment Plans. If the Enrollee is moved to another Program and the previous enrollment is deactivated, any Payment Plan that was attached will disappear from the Enrollee's Billing page. If the enrollment is deactivated and deleted, both the enrollment and the billing will disappear.

  • BE CAREFUL when changing the pricing on Programs! If Admins change the pricing on a Program from program pricing to class pricing (or vice versa), your current Enrollees could lose their current Payment Plans/Invoices.

  • Admins must manually add Invoices and/or Payment Plans to new enrollments. This means that after you move an Enrollee to a new Program/Class, you will have to create an Invoice for any fees currently due (i.e., "Due at Enrollment") or add an individual Payment Plan to their account.

Payment Plan Locations

You can find your Payment Plans in two places:

  1. Enrollment Period settings

    Under your Enrollment Period (or whatever you call specific periods or semesters), you will see a clipboard/money icon (V2 billing only). Click that to manage your payment plans.

    manage payment plans in Enrollment Period in Enrollsy

    manage payment plans in Enrollment Period in Enrollsy
  2. Program settings

    Open the editor of one (or more) Programs:

    program editor in Enrollsy

    Under Pricing, you will see a +/- Add/Remove Payment Plan. Click that to open up your Payment Plans.

    how to access payment plans in the program editor in Enrollsy

View Payment Plans

Once you are in your Payment Plan settings, you will see a list of the Payment Plans already created under the headings: "Scheduled," "Installments," and "Subscription." To edit one of these, click on the cog icon and pencil icon.

payment plan editor settings

Payment Plan Settings

The following are the sections under "Add a Payment Plan":

  • Settings

    This section includes the Payment Plan label and the three types of Payment Plans (Scheduled, Installments, and Subscription).

payment plan settings in Enrollsy
  • Scheduled Payments

    The Scheduled Payments section has a calendar where you can choose the dates you want the scheduled payments. Those dates are added to the "View all events" tab, where you can easily see all the scheduled payment dates.

    You can also click on "Bulk add" and select either a day of the week (for a weekly schedule) or a date of the month (for a monthly schedule). It is REQUIRED to have a start and stop date, so select a month and year the payments will run.

    scheduled payments in Enrollsy

  • Installment Payments

    For Installment Payments, you decide how often installments will run (monthly, weekly, or annually) and for how many months or weeks.

    Select the starting period, starting from enrollment OR until fully paid on a date. If you pick the second option, you will have a place to put a specific starting date. Then determine how many payments will need to be made and enter that number.

installment payments in Enrollsy
installment payments in Enrollsy
  • Subscription Payments

    Select the frequency of your subscription (monthly, weekly, or annually) and for how many months or weeks. If you choose "on a specific day," you can choose the day the first recurring payment will happen. The current week or month will then be prorated.

  • Invoicing

    Under this heading, you have a few decisions to make.

    • The first is to decide if you want to send an invoice or an Auto-Pay reminder (if Auto-Pay is on).

    • The next is to set up when you want invoices sent. This is OPTIONAL.

    • Decide how you want them sent (by text, email, or both).

    • Select who will receive the notifications (Primary and/or Secondary Account Holder).

    • Pick how many days before each payment event they will be notified (1-7 days).

    Click Submit to save any changes.

invoicing notifications in Enrollsy
  • Dates of Service

    Scroll down to the Invoicing section and choose "generate" to start the process of adding a public comment to the Invoice. Next, choose a template from one of the following options:

    • Pay in Advance - Current Month

    • Pay in Advance - Following Month

    • Pay in Advance - Current Week (Mon - Fri)

    • Pay in Advance - Following Week (Mon - Fri)

    After choosing an existing template, enter a date (usually your first payment event date) to see how the Invoice will look.

  • Create your own Comment

    If none of the provided templates work for your setup, you can choose the option "None of these; I want to create my own below." A "SmartDate" widget will open where you can insert a date, week, month, or year and customize that payment date/day.

    The prompts will tell you what to change in the formula. For example, let's say you choose the option "Date" and "Payment date + X months," it tells you to change the "X" to a number.

    The number is the number of months from the start date that the Invoice is paying. If you don't do this, an error message will tell you to replace the "X" with the desired number. You can delete the SmartDate and try again if you need to start over.

    In the following example, we put "1" as the number. Using the date "07/12/2023," the next payment date generated will be "08/12/2023," which is 1 month from the beginning date.

  • Dates of Service in Transaction History

    The "Dates of Service" comment will show up in the Customer's Transaction History like this (based on the above example):

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