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How to Edit Instructor Permissions
How to Edit Instructor Permissions

Learn how to add or delete permissions for your Instructor or Support staff

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Sometimes Instructors leave and Instructors come in. See this article if you need instructions on how to add a new Instructor or other staff member. If you just need to edit a current role (with permissions), follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Instructors page

  2. Click the blue pencil icon beside the Instructor's name

  3. Scroll down and click the Instructor Role:

instructor role in Enrollsy
  • Click the blue cog icon to open up the Permission

  • Check the boxes beside the roles you want the Instructor to access. These roles are:

Enrollsy instructor permissions
  • Click Save

  • Be sure the correct Role is checked for the Instructor profile you are editing:

NOTE: If you edit a Role with different permissions, anyone else who has the SAME Role, permissions will be changed as well. If a staff member needs DIFFERENT permissions, then create a new Role for that person.

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