How to be notified of completed Documents

Now you can set up notifications for complete or uncompleted E-signature or Required Documents

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😊 Now you can know when Enrollees have completed or have NOT completed the Documents you sent out.

The Notification Center is your OWN PERSONAL Notification Center. No other Admin User shares that particular Notification Center. If you have not yet set up your Notification Center, click here.

NOTE: All Document notifications will be deleted after 60 days!

Step 1 - Notification Settings

The Notification Center can be accessed by clicking on the bell icon in the upper-right corner:

notifications in Enrollsy

If this is your first time setting up notifications, click "Check Notification Settings." If not, click the settings button on the right of "Notifications."

document notification settings in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Email Digest

A new window will open. If you wish to receive emails, choose Email Digest time span (every 30 minutes, 2 hours, or 6 hours).

email digest in Enrollsy notification center

Step 3 - Choose Documents

Choose which Documents to be notified of (and if you want an email in addition to the notifications within the Notification Center).

Click Save, and you're done! Now you can click on the Notifications you want to view.

documents notification settings in Enrollsy

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