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Does Enrollsy Have Accessibility Features?
Does Enrollsy Have Accessibility Features?

Make the Enrollsy site more accessible for you with this new feature!

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Yes! An Accessibility Settings button has been added to Enrollsy, including in the Admin platform, the Instructor portal, and the Customer portal. These settings allow you to control how you see and experience Enrollsy!

To access the Accessibility button, click on the top right corner icon (either a rocket ship if you are not launched or a person icon if you are).

new accessibility button in Enrollsy

Here are the settings you will find in the new Accessibility button:

  1. Read settings in another language

  2. Set an Accessibility Profile including: "motor impaired," "blind," "color blind," "dyslexia," "visually impaired," cognitive & learning," "seizure & epileptic," and "ADHD."

  3. Set the widget to "XL/oversized."

  4. Turn on one or more of the following settings:

    • Screen Reader - a voice will read out the labels of everything you click on the screen

    • Contrast - Set the screen to dark or light contrast or invert colors

    • Smart Contrast - if you have an issue reading the text in our app because of contrast issues, use the "Smart Contrast" setting.

    • Highlight Links - Highlight links to other pages in yellow, so they stand out.

    • Bigger Text - Change the text size to four different sizes

    • Text Spacing - Edit the spacing between texts so the text is more readable

    • Pause Animations - Any animations that automatically play on a screen will be paused

    • Dyslexia Friendly - Make the text more readable with legible fonts

    • Cursor - Make the cursor size, turn on a Reading Mask or Reading Guide

    • Page Structure - Shows the headings, landmarks, and links on the current page

    • Line Height - Edit the height between lines

    • Text Align - Align text to the right, left, center, or justify

    • Dictionary - Select any word on the page to show the definition

    • Saturation - Change the intensity of color in an image

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