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Step 5: Create Required Documents
Step 5: Create Required Documents

Add documents for Account Holders to complete and say goodbye to tracking down paperwork

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Take a minute to think through which documents you currently require of Enrollees. You'll now be able to make these documents available to your customers through their portal to download, complete, and then seamlessly upload back to you. No more having to collect paperwork, we do that for you!

Here's How to Add Required Documents:

Click the Rocket Ship icon and then the "My Company" tab. From there, you'll see the Forms tab on the top banner. Scroll down to "Documents." Click on the plus icon right underneath "Required Documents." From here, it's easy!

  • Add a document title

  • If applicable, select an expiration date (meaning, this action will need to happen again at a later date, or it will no longer be valid at the date set)

  • Decide at which level to require the document. To further understand these options, see "About Document 'Required At' Levels")

  • If this document must be uploaded back to you, then require an upload by checking the box at the bottom of the window. (Note: we do not recommend requiring an upload if the information provided is confidential or highly sensitive)

  • Lastly, you can upload a blank version of the document for customers to download.

  • Select save at the bottom of the window

  • Once you create programs, you will attach the right documents to the correct programs.

Here's what your Customers will experience:

  • Once your customer completes Enrollment, they will be prompted to login to their Customer Portal.

  • If they have documents to complete, a red banner will populate at the top of their screen.

  • Your customers can download assigned documents, complete them, and then upload the documents back to you.

Learn more about the Customer Experience here.

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