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Step 6: Create E-Signature Documents
Step 6: Create E-Signature Documents

Create legally binding documents that can be auto-filled and signed in minutes

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E-Signature documents are the way to go if you need legally binding and court-admissible signatures for any of your documents. Upload a PDF version of your document and have it pre-filled with data previously collected during the customer's enrollment process. This pre-filled document will be sent to customers to sign on their computer or smartphone.

NOTE: Keep in mind there is an additional fee of $2.50 per packet for this feature.


  • The data collected during enrollment will be auto-filled into your e-sign document. If you have not collected some information that is required for this e-sign document, you have two options:

    • Add the needed information to your Enrollment Form

    • Require signers to fill in this missing information before signing

Here's How in a Nutshell

Select the Rocket Ship icon at the top right of the screen, scroll down and select "My Company." From here, select "Forms," then "Documents." Off to the right side of the screen, you'll see the E-Signature Column. Select the + icon beneath E-Signature Documents.

Four steps will pop up across the top of the screen. We'll walk you through them!

Step 1 - Organize Field IDs

During this step, you organize the fields collected during the Enrollment process. This makes it easier to drop fields into your E-signature document for auto-filling.

Review the fields that Enrollsy has identified by selecting "fill" and changing any nicknames that are not unique. This will make designing the form so much easier for you, even if you will not use all of these fields in your document.

Select Next.

field IDs in e-signature documents in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Set Up Document

  1. Give the document a name.

  2. Select if you would like your document to be required at the Primary Account Holder, Enrollee, or Enrollment level. To understand the differences between these three options, read here.

  3. If desired, select when the document should expire. This is helpful if you need new forms submitted after a set period of time.

  4. Add a custom URL if you would like signers to be directed to a different page after completion.

  5. Lastly, decide who you would like to sign the document. You're welcome to add additional signers.

  6. Select Next.

setup e-signature packet in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Design

Now for the fun part. You can design your document exactly how you want it to be pre-filled. Here's really all that you need to know:

  • Pink fields (boxes) - Fields you want to have pre-filled using the information collected during enrollment.

  • Blue fields (boxes) - Fields the signer will fill in during the time of signing and will not be pre-filled.

  • Grey Fields (boxes) - Fields that you add to the document right now.

Now select the "Open Design Tool" to begin placing Pink fields and Blue fields in the correct fields on your document.

You'll select the field you want from the toolbar on the left side of the screen and double-click the corresponding field on your document. Using the toolbox to the right of the screen, you'll do the following:

  • Ensure the field is assigned to the sender if you want it pre-filled or the signer if you want the signer to complete it.

  • Format the text to your liking.

  • For a Pink field, select which text should be pre-filled into the box (this list of fields is what you created in step 1). For a Blue field, decide if you want answers to be validated. You can also name the field and create rules for conditional logic.

Repeat these steps until every field on your form has either a Pink or Blue box inserted in their corresponding field.

Once complete, select Continue. This will save the document.

NOTE: A signature field MUST be on the document for it to save the first time. Click "Open Design Tool" again, click "Got It' then "Next" to go to the next options:

Step 3.1 - Does Everything Look Right?

  • Signer Roles: Does anyone other than the signer need to receive a copy of this E-Signature form? If so, add a CC recipient's email.

  • Title & Default Message: Create a title for your template and an optional message for recipients to read before signing.

Click "Save Template" to save.

Step 4 - Send Test

Send a test to yourself or someone else to ensure your E-Signature Document works the way you want it. To do this, search for an Enrollment in the system and input an email address to send the test E-signature form out. This can be your own Admin email to send to yourself or any other email address that needs the test. Click "Send Test" to send an email to the chosen address.

Check the email for the test E-signature Packet. It should have your company name and "TEST ENROLLMENT" in the subject line. Click "Review and Sign," and a new tab will open with the document.

Next, click "Get Started" and ensure the fields are working correctly. Go through the document as a customer would viewing which fields are required (marked with a red asterisk) and if all the information shows up in the field.

If something looks wrong, go back to the design tool to readjust the fields.

After creating the E-signature document, you will have to attach it to your Program(s).

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