Step 9: Create Charge Items

Add a Charge Item for everything you plan to charge money for

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A Charge Item is anything that you plan to charge money for. Think tuition, deposit, book fees, t-shirts, late fee, etc. Remember, you're not adding pricing right now.

Here's How:

Select the Rocket Ship icon at the top right-hand side of the screen, scroll down and select "My Company." On the banner at the top of the screen, select "Items." From here, you'll see Charge Items on the left.

Select the + symbol. Next, label the charge item and select which rules to apply to the given Charge Item. Here are the options:

  1. Type

    • Standard Fees - Charged from the Enroll Form

    • Card Processing Fees/Taxes - Automatically charged to every electronic payment. Think sales tax, processing fee, etc.

  2. Required

    • This item will be required on the Enroll Form, meaning Account Holders don't decide if they want to add this fee on or not.

  3. Quantity

    • "Quantity can be specified" allows you to set a specific price per unit. At check out, Enrollees can select the desired quantity of the item. The total due is calculated for them.

  4. Payment Plans

    • This item can be included in Payment Plans (Payment Plans allow Enrollees to pay for their total amount due over time). If the item is due at the time of Enrollment, you decide if it's due once per enrollment, enrollee, or account.

  5. Prepayment

    • Used to collect payment before enrollment. Choose an associated Charge Item to which this amount will be credited later.

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