Step 12: Create Admin Users

Decide who your Admin Account Users are to give them the right Permissions and Roles

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Now that you have just created your Instructors, it's time to create your Admin users! Remember that you have a limited number of users based on your selected plan package. As outlined here, you can always upgrade to more users for a monthly charge.

Here's How:

Select the rocket ship icon on the top right screen and click "My Company." Select the Users tab from the top banner and click on Admins.

Select the + button on the top right corner to create Admins.

admin user page in Enrollsy

You'll fill in all relevant Admin information in the drawer that opens to the right screen. This includes the following:

Basic Information

  • First and Last name

  • Email address (To be used for both communication and the admin login)

  • Title

  • Cell Phone Number

    basic admin user information in Enrollsy

Role and Assignments

  • Create Roles to categorize and give permission to users. You can create as many roles as you would like. Name the role and select which permissions you want to provide the Admin.

  • Select the role for the Admin

  • Assign Location(s)

  • Assign Company

    admin user role and assignments in Enrollsy


  • Lastly, select which notifications each Admin receives. These email notifications can range from receiving alerts when customer payments fail, new Enrollments, and Enrollment cancellations.

    admin user email notifications in Enrollsy
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