Step 16: Create Classes

Now that your Programs are built, go ahead and add classes within your Programs

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Now that you have created Programs, you have the option of adding Classes.

Add Class

To do so, select the Classes tab from the menu bar to the left of the screen.

If you have successfully set up your Programs, you’ll see a list of all of the Programs you can put Classes into. To create a Class, simply select the Program of choice and select “Add Class.”

add class button in Enrollsy

From here, customize the Class using the drawer of options on the right. Fill out the following information:

Basic Information

  • Name - Create a title for the Class.

  • Select Instructor(s) - Select from the list of instructors you imputed under the “users” section.

  • Capacity - Put a limit to the number of enrollees in this course.

  • Class Description - Before enrolling in this course, enrollees will see this description.

basic information of classes in Enrollsy

Price (if applicable)

If you set the pricing to be on the Class rather than the Program, you can add the pricing here. Otherwise, skip this section.

Select which payment option you would like available to Enrollees:

  • Free - If you do not charge for your Class, then simply select Free, click save, and then you’re done! Move on to the next step.

  • Fixed Cost - Select this option if your Class collects Installments, Scheduled Payments, and/or Pay-in-full Options.

    • Enter the total cost of the Program by adding charge items and assigning a cost to each.

    • Add one of the following Payment Plans (unless you don’t want a payment plan option)

      • Installment Plan - The total price is invoiced immediately, but the balance is paid over time.

      • Scheduled Plan - The total price is split into payment events due on specific dates.

      • Subscription Plan - The price of the Class is invoiced and paid on a fixed frequency that recurs starting on the date of enrollment.

  • Subscription - Use this option if your Class has repeated payments from the date of enrollment with no pay-in-full option.

When Does Class Happen?

  • Add start and end times

  • Select the days/dates when the Class occurs in one of two ways

    • Weekly Schedule (Class meets each week on the same days)

      • Decide which days the Class occurs

      • Calendar Start Date

      • Calendar End Date

    • Pick Dates (Class does not reoccur)

      • Individually select calendar days

      • Pick between Single Class (1 unique Class that meets 1 or more times) or Series (All Classes are unique and meet once on each date)

when does class happen section of classes in Enrollsy

Email Reminder

  • To remind everyone of the course by email, select when you would like the email sent out. Add a custom message to the email (optional).

    email reminder section of classes in Enrollsy

And that’s it! You’ve created your first course. Select “Add another” to add another Class under the same Program or select “Done” to save your work.

TIP: To save time, duplicate Classes and insert them into a different Enrollment Period, Location, or Program.

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