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Scheduling Conflicts at Enrollment
Scheduling Conflicts at Enrollment

Enrollsy has added the ability to keep Enrollees from enrolling in the same Program/Class

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The Scheduling Conflict feature checks an Enrollee's calendar for conflicts before letting them enroll. In this way, Enrollsy helps your customers avoid making mistakes and doing duplicate enrollments, which in the end, saves you time!

Required Settings

  • The Enrollment Model of the Program MUST be the Classes Model (this feature does NOT work on Simple or Days per Week Enrollment Models)

  • Classes must have a Weekly Schedule (recurring dates) OR Pick Dates (a list of dates) set up on EACH Class:

  • Weekly Schedule must have date values set (NOT just days of the week):

  • Start and End Times on the Classes must be set:

Scheduling Conflict Example

When someone attempts to enroll in a Program/Class they are currently enrolled in, the system will mark the enrollment with a red "Schedule Conflicts" banner and a message saying "You're already enrolled in THIS Class." Here's an example of how this looks on the Enroll Form:

scheduling conflicts in Enrollsy
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