How to Edit Program Options

Learn how to change the options someone chooses when enrolling

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Program Options act as a series of choices that funnel the person enrolling down to a final choice. Think of them as the means of presenting all your possible options to the customer without completely overwhelming them.

Two pre-set Program Options come standard:

  1. Location - In case you have multiple locations.

  2. Enrollment Period - used to break enrollments into other types of segments.

  3. After these first two selections, the rest of the options are 100% customizable by you within the settings section of the Program page, including how many options you present. In the above example, the options added were a Program name and a Schedule.

Enroll form program options

Edit Program Options

Step 1 - Manage Program Options

Open the Programs tab in the My Company settings and click the setting "Manage Program Options."

manage program options in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Edit Program Option

Click on the blue pencil icon beside the Program Option to edit (or delete) the name. In this example, "Program Name" is the Program Option name.

edit program option name in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Edit Each Option

Click on the outlined pencil icon to edit or delete the individual names underneath the Program Option.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your Programs do not have the SAME Program Options (especially the same name)! If they do, one of the Programs will not show up on the Enroll Form.

edit program options in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Reorder Options

The Program Options are listed in the order in which they will be presented to your customers (from left to right). Reorder them by using the six dots in the upper-left corner and dragging them into the correct order.

how to move program option elements in Enrollsy

Deleting Program Options

You can delete any Program Options by clicking the same pencil icon and then "Delete."

delete program options in Enrollsy

Reassigning Program Options

When you delete a Program Option, a red caution icon will appear where that option once was.

When you see that caution icon, you have two choices:

  1. Reassign the Programs to the new/edited Program Option by clicking on the pencil icon beside the affected Program and filling in the option:

    reassign programs to new program option in Enrollsy
  2. Archive or delete the Programs that were affected by the deletion. To archive the Program, click the checkbox beside the Program you wish to archive and then the Archive button. The Program will then be moved under Archived.

    Archiving a Program in Enrollsy

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