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How to Add a Photo or Bio to the Instructor Profile
How to Add a Photo or Bio to the Instructor Profile

Easily identify Instructors or Staff with a photo and bio

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Admin Users can include a photo and/or bio for each of your Instructors. Here's how:

Add a Photo

  1. On the My Company page, go to Users > Instructors

  2. Click on the pencil icon next to an Instructor, or click the blue plus button to add a new Instructor. Click here for more information on adding Instructors

  3. Click on the Initials to upload a photo or avatar

    add an instructor photo or avatar in Enrollsy
  4. Click Save

Add a Bio

  1. Scroll down to the Bio section to add information about the Instructor (i.e., credentials, education, Class(es) teaching, etc.)

    add Instructor bio in Enrollsy
  2. Click Save

Where Photo & Bio Show Up

The following are the places where the Instructor's photo and/or Bio show up in Enrollsy.

Customer Portal

In the Customer Portal on the "My Account" page, under each Enrollee will be their enrollments. Click on "Details" under the Class name and if there is an Instructor added to the Class and that Instructor has a photo or a bio, it will show up there.

Enroll Form

The photo and/or bio will also show up under "Details" on each Class (if the Instructor is added to that Class).

Browse Page

The Instructor's photo and/or bio is also viewable on the Browse page under any Class they are added to.

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