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How to Transfer an Enrollee to another Class
How to Transfer an Enrollee to another Class

Learn how to use the new "Room Transfer" feature

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We allow Instructors to transfer an Enrollee to other Classes so that Ratios stay accurate. This uses our Room Transfer Activity feature.

Activate Room Transfer Activity

If you are interested in using the Rooms Transfer activity, an Admin user will have to turn it on on the Activities Definition page. Here's how to do this:

  1. Turn the switch beside "Room Transfer" to the on position

  2. Click the cog icon to open the settings and turn on the visibility and ability to post the activity. Check the boxes to allow (or not allow) Instructors and/or Primary Account Holders to post and/or view this activity.

Important Room Transfer Information

Here are some essential things to keep in mind concerning the Room Transfer Activity:

  • Only Instructors can do a Room Transfer. We did this to give Instructors control over the Class transfer process. If an Admin wants to do this, they can create an Instructor profile.

  • Transfers can only happen on the Activities page in the Instructor Portal (NOT the Check In/Out page).

  • A Class is required to be selected first before a transfer can happen.

  • Transfers cannot happen with the "All Classes" option selected.

  • A Room Transfer automatically checks in the Enrollee into the new Class.

  • When you check out an Enrollee, this action will put them back in the Class they were transferred from.

  • The last Class the Enrollee was checked into (transferred to) is where they will be to check them out.

  • When you transfer an Enrollee, they will still appear in the "All Classes" tab of the Class they transferred from.

  • You will see the Room Transfer Activity icon on the Enrollee and can open their timeline to view the Class they were transferred to.

  • When an Enrollee is transferred, they appear in the "Check In" tab of the Class they transferred to.

How Room Transfer Works

  • Checks out the Enrollee from their current Class

  • Creates a Room Transfer Activity on the Enrollee's timeline

  • Checks in the Enrollee to the new Class

How to do a Class Transfer

  1. Head to the Activities page of the Instructor app (

    activities page in Enrollsy
  2. Select the Class the Enrollee is being transferred out of

    room transfer in Enrollsy
  3. Click the "Room Transfer" Activity

    room transfer in Enrollsy
  4. Choose the Class the Enrollee is being transferred to under "Transfer to Class"

    room transfer in Enrollsy
  5. Select the Enrollee(s) to transfer

    room transfer in Enrollsy
  6. Click "Room Transfer" to complete the transfer. Click on the Class the Enrollees were transferred to, and you will see the Room Transfer icon:

room transfer in Enrollsy

Click on the Enrollee's timeline to view the Room Transfer Activity:

room transfer in Enrollsy

The Enrollee is transferred back to their original Class when checked out in the transferred room.

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