How to Add or Edit the Browse Feature

Here's how to modify your Program Browse Page

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Adding the Browse feature

The new Browse feature allows your customers to "browse" through your Programs in any published Enrollment Period. You can give your Customers a link or embed the link to your website to browse before they decide to enroll.

The Browse feature is an unlockable feature meaning Enrollsy has to unlock it for your company. Currently, we are not charging extra for this feature. If you are interested in the Browse feature, let us know via the chat button within Enrollsy.

Editing the Browse feature

If you already have this feature and need to edit portions, here's how.

Program Option 1 - Image or Description

Your FIRST Program Option can have an Image and/or a Program description. To edit this, head to the Programs page, and click "Manage Program Options" at the top. To edit the option name itself, click the pencil icon beside the Option name. To edit any of the options below, click the pencil icon beside the option you want to edit.

Add Image or Description

A window will open where you can add an image or delete the image and add a new one. Below that is the Program Option label and a place for a Program description. You can change the font size and colors, add images or tables, bulleted or numbered lists, dates, or links via the rich text editor.

Be sure to click "Save" to save any changes made.

Location & Map

The Location and map will show if your Location has an address. It will have the Location details as well as a Google map. If you need to edit this information or delete this section, do the following:

  • Click the currently selected Location/your email address in the upper right of the screen.

  • In the new window, click the cog icon and then the pencil icon of the Location you wish to edit.

  • Here you can edit or delete the address, phone number, contact name, and contact email of that Location. Click Next until you get to the Save button to save the edits.

NOTE: If you delete all information in the Location, the Location section will NOT show in the Browse feature.

Program Options

Enrollsy has two pre-set Program Options: Location and Enrollment Period. After these two options, the rest of the Program Options are customizable. See this support article for more on Program Options.

Edit - To edit these options, open the Programs tab in the My Company settings and click the setting "Manage Program Options." To edit the option name itself, click the pencil icon beside the Option name. To edit any of the options below, click the pencil icon beside the option you want to edit.

Delete - Click on the outlined pencil icon, then "Delete" to delete the Program Option or the individual names underneath the Program Option.

Move - The Program Options are listed in the order they will be presented to your customers (from left to right). Reorder them by using the six dots in the upper-left corner and dragging them into the correct order.

Program Information

The Browse feature also includes the following information about the Program (if this information is entered):

  • Program Start Date

  • Program End Date

  • Days the Program Runs

  • Holidays/Holiday Calendar

To edit this information, open the Programs tab. Click the pencil icon on the right to edit the Program. Scroll down to the heading "Enrollment Model." Click the pencil to edit the start/end days/dates the Program occurs. See this article for more details.

Holiday Calendar

To edit the Holiday Calendar, click the calendar icon under "Enrollment Model" and then the cog and pencil icons of the calendar you want to edit. Choose the top calendar icon to pick dates, or click the trash can icons to delete dates.

To change Holiday Calendars, just de-select one and select another under the calendar icon.

Class Information

This section contains all the Classes within that Program. The information that can be included in this section:

  • Class Name

  • Instructor Name (if added)

  • Instructor Bio (if added)

  • Image and Description (if added)

  • Class Start Date (if applicable)

  • Class End Date (if applicable)

  • Class Credit (if applicable)

  • Capacity of Class (spaces LEFT or if the Class is full)

Edit - To edit any of the above information, navigate to the Classes page. Select the Program, then the Class. Click the pencil icon. A new window will open where you can make any edits.

Waitlist - To add or remove a Waitlist, on the Classes page, either click the button "Add Waitlist" within the Program you want a Waitlist for or click the pencil icon then "Delete" to delete an existing Waitlist.

Payment Plan/Pay in Full - Please look at this support article to edit the Total Cost and/or Payment Plan of a Program or Class.

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