How to Edit Memberships

Here's how to make changes to Memberships

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Memberships are accessed from the Membership tab on the left side. On this page, your list of Memberships will be on the left-hand side. HOVER over the membership, and tools will appear on the right side.

Edit Membership

Click the pencil icon to edit the membership.

Make the changes you need in the following areas:

  • Membership Name

  • Color

  • Renewal Information: Price, Frequency, and Item to charge as membership fee

  • Membership Benefits

  • Membership Description: Discount Items, Percentage off, and specific Charge Items to discount

Click "Save" to save any changes made.

Unpublish/Publish Membership

To publish or unpublish the Membership, click the eye icon. If the Membership is published, the eye will be open. If the Membership is UNpublished, there will be a slash through the eye icon.

Delete Membership

To delete a Membership, simply click the trashcan icon, then "Delete" and "Delete Anyway."

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