How to Expire or Delete a Coupon Code

Learn how to expire a Coupon Code or delete it entirely

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If you need to expire or delete an already-created Coupon Code, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Find the Program

Head to the Programs page and click on the Program editor (pencil icon) beside the Program.

find program to add coupon in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Enroll Form Settings

Scroll down to the Enroll Form (Optional) section. Click on the down arrow beside Coupon Codes. Select the cog icon beside the Coupon Code.

Step 3a - Expire Coupon Code

To expire a Coupon Code, click the hourglass icon. NOTE: Expiring a Coupon Code will make it invalid immediately.

Step 3b - Delete Coupon Code

NOTE: A Coupon Code has to be expired first before it can be deleted. After expiring the Coupon Code, click the cog icon in the Expired Tab and then the trashcan icon to delete it. Deleting a Coupon Code will completely remove it from all views as long as you don't have any Programs still using it.

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