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How Customer/Account Holders Check-In Via the Kiosk
How Customer/Account Holders Check-In Via the Kiosk

Easily check in and out Enrollees through the Kiosk feature

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Account Holders can check in and out Enrollees using the Kiosk feature. An Admin has to set up the Kiosk on a device for Account Holders to check in and out. Click here to learn how to set up a Kiosk.

Start Kiosk

After having set up the Kiosk, click on the Kiosk on the menu, choose your Location (if your company has more than one), and then press the Start Kiosk button.

start kiosk in Enrollsy


Here are the steps in more detail from the Customer/Account Holder's point of view. Feel free to copy and paste these instructions for your Customers.

Step 1 - Enter Digits

Enter the last four digits of your cell phone number.

Step 2 - Enter PIN

Enter your PIN. (If you have not set this up or have forgotten it, log in to the Customer Portal and go to "Reset PIN." Secondary Account Holders can set up a PIN from within their account (if given access by the Primary Account Holder).

Step 3 - Select Name

Under the "Check In" tab, select the Enrollee's name(s) by checking the box(es) beside each Enrollee.

Step 4 - Check In

Click "Select Class" to select the Class you are checking the Enrollee(s) into.

NOTE: If you have more than one Enrollee and they are in DIFFERENT Classes, please select each Enrollee's Class.

Click the green "Check In" button to check in.

‍Step 5 - Check Out

The same steps will need to be repeated to check out. Enter the last four digits of your cell phone number and PIN. Then select the "Check Out" tab and then click the red Check Out button to check out.

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