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How to Bulk Add or Remove Tags
How to Bulk Add or Remove Tags

Add or delete Tags from multiple Enrollees at one time

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First of all, what is a "Tag"? A tag is a label that shows up in various places in Enrollsy. Here are some examples of Tags:

Marking Enrollees/Accounts with Tags in Enrollsy

Where Tags Show Up

The following are all the places within Enrollsy where Tags show:

Admin Side:

  • The Enrollees table beside each Enrollee

  • Each Enrollee's page under their Enrollments (left side)

  • The Leads page (under Submissions on the left menu bar)

  • The Classes page under each Class and each Enrollee (down arrow on the far right side)

  • The Classes page under Waitlists

  • The Classes page under each Class on the Rosters (accessible by the printer icon)

  • The Reports page under All Rosters

  • The Instructors page (My Company > Users > Instructors) beside each Instructor

Instructor Portal:

Customer Portal

If Admin allows the Tag to be viewable by Account Holders

  • My Account Page under each Enrollee's pages

Where to Bulk Tag

The following are the places within Enrollsy where you can bulk add or remove Tags.

NOTE: The Tags column has to be selected for the bulk tagging icon to display:

Also, be sure to select the boxes on the left first, then the icon will display.

Admin Side:

The Enrollees table under "Enrollments":

The Classes page under each Class:

The Classes page under Unassigned:

The Classes page under Waitlists:

Instructor Portal:

The Classes page under each Class:

How to Bulk Add or Remove Tags

To add or remove more than one Tag at a time, follow these steps.

Step 1 - Bulk Add/Remove

Click the Tag icon to see two options to bulk add or bulk remove Tags from the selected rows. Choose one of those options.

new bulk tag drawer

Step 2 - Select Tags

After choosing if you are going to add or remove, a drawer listing Tags will display. In this drawer, you can do all the things you normally can with Tags including creating new Tags, editing Tags, and deleting Tags. Select the Tag(s) you want to add/remove and then click submit.

Step 3 - Results

After clicking submit the drawer will show a results page. This page shows you the status of adding/removing the Tags to the rows in real-time. It will step through one Tag at a time and you can watch to verify that all the Tags you want to get applied properly.

Note About Duplicates

To make this process even easier for you, we made it so that you don't need to worry about if the Tag you are trying to add or remove is already on the rows selected. If you are adding Tags, the system will know if the Tag already exists and not add a duplicate.

If you are removing Tags, the system will know if the Tag doesn't exist and do nothing. So there is no need for you to make sure to select only the rows that need the new Tag or rows that need the Tag removed.

And/Or Logic

To assist you in finding the data you are searching for we have added the ability to have and/or logic with Tags and multi-select custom fields on the Enrollees Table. This means you can filter the table to only show rows that have ALL of the Tags selected, or you can show the rows that have AT LEAST ONE of the Tags selected.

When you open the filters and select more than one Tag or a multi-select value, a box will display underneath your selection asking which form of logic you want. The default is 'OR' which is how the filter was working before this change.

The chip displaying the applied filter will also show an icon of what type of logic you selected.

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