How to Post a Charge

"Posting a Charge" is now creating an Invoice for billing with payment plans

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Sometimes you need to add tuition manually. Here are a few use cases we hear from time to time:

  • An Enrollee drops from a program and then comes back. You want to avoid charging enrollment fees or anything else, and there is no need for them to re-enroll, but it's the middle of a tuition cycle.

  • A family requires a one-off billing schedule for some reason.

  • You have a drop-in option, and Auto-Billing is not possible. You need to charge for tuition on an as-needed basis.

As an Admin, when you post a "charge," you are recording tuition or some other fee to a customer's Account. It's essentially creating an invoice for a certain amount of money. What used to be called "Post a Charge" is now creating an Invoice.

See the support article, "How to add or create an Invoice", for detailed steps on how to add an Invoice to an Account.

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