How to Build an Invoice Summary

Here's the steps to printing an Invoice Summary by Location and Enrollment Period

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Now you can print an Invoice Summary within a Customer's Account. Here's how.

Step 1 - Billing Page

Go to the Customer's Billing page.

Step 2 - Build Invoice Summary

Next, click on "Build Invoice Summary" at the top right of the Billing page.

Step 3 - Select Location & Enrollment Period

Select one Location and Enrollment Period. NOTE: You can only choose ONE Location and ONE Enrollment Period.

Step 4 - Choose Enrollee(s)

Next, choose the Enrollees whose Invoices you need to view. If there is only one, be sure to select the name so the builder will work.

Step 5 - Choose Totals

Choose which totals you want on the summary. You can include the totals related to the Enrollee(s) and/or all the Invoice totals.

Step 6 - Build & Print

The last step is to click "Build" and print a hard copy or print in a PDF format to email. Here's an example of how an Invoice Summary might look:

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