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How to Download, Print, or Export Invoices
How to Download, Print, or Export Invoices

Current, paid, or future Invoices can be printed or exported to a CSV

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To download, print, or export a list of Invoices, follow these steps.

Step 1- Select Location(s) & Dates

Head over to the Invoices page (on the left menu). Select the Location from the top right corner (if you have more than one) that you would like to view Invoices for.

The dates on the left side show the last year by default. If you want to view specific dates, click the dates and choose the dates from the calendar.

NOTE: The dates are for the due dates of the Invoices so if no Invoices are showing, make sure you have the correct due dates within the date range.

Step 2 - Select the Type of Invoice

Next, select the type of Invoice you want to view: Current, Paid, or Future.

Step 3 - Filter Invoices

If you need to filter the Invoices by any of the following, select "Filters":

  • Payment Plan

  • Primary Account Holder

  • Charges

  • Discounts

Step 4 - Select Invoices

The next step is to select the Invoices. You can only view up to 50 Invoices per page. Clicking the top checkbox to select all will only select all the Invoices on that page (up to 50 if you have 50 rows selected).

To change the number of rows per page or to be able to select more than 50, scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you can do the following:

  • Change the number of rows from the default "25" to "50"

  • Scroll over using the right arrow to page through more Invoices that you can select

  • Click the "Select all" button (at the bottom) to select all Invoices you paged through (e.g., "Select all 200" as seen below)

Step 5 - Print or Export Invoices

The last step is to select either the print icon (to download as a PDF or print) or the export icon (to download as a CSV file).

NOTE: These icons will not appear until you select one or more Invoices.


The following is an example of the export option (as viewed in Google Sheets):

Columns can be sorted in whatever spreadsheet software you have.

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