How to Edit a Coupon Code

Learn how to change parts of a Coupon Code and any consequences to those changes

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You can edit a Coupon Code that has already been created. However, when you edit the percentage of a coupon, be aware of the following:

Editing Consequences

  • Changing the percentage on a Coupon Code will NOT retroactively change the total amount due on a Customer's account. You will need to adjust any Invoices or Payment Plans on individual accounts.

  • Changing the Discount Item a Coupon Code is associated with will NOT retroactively change the Discount Item that was previously associated with the Coupon Code for anyone who used it upon enrollment. To change the Discount Item on an individual account, do the following:

    • Click the three dots beside the discount and "Edit."

    • Scroll to the bottom and edit the Discount Item.

  • Adjusting the Coupon Code after the time of enrollment does NOT impact any manually adjusted payments/Invoices if the person registered with the Coupon Code.

  • If you edit or delete the Discount Item the Coupon Code is attached to, any already-used Coupon Code transactions that include that Discount Item, will also be changed or deleted.

Edit Coupon Code

Here's how to edit a Coupon Code:

  1. Head to the Programs page

  2. Click on the pencil icon beside the Program with the Coupon Code to edit it

  3. Select "Enroll Form" on the left menu or scroll down the Enroll Form section

  4. Click the down arrow on the right beside Coupon Codes

  5. Find the Coupon Code from the list and select the cog icon, then the pencil icon to edit it

  6. Once the Coupon Code widget opens, you can edit any of the following information:

    • Coupon Code name

    • Optional label

    • Optional message

    • Expiration date (optional)

    • Discount Item

    • Percentage amount

    • Charge Item(s) to be discounted

  7. Click "Save" to save any changes made

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