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How to Set Up an Auto ID on the Enroll Form
How to Set Up an Auto ID on the Enroll Form

Do you need to trigger auto-generated ID numbers on enrollment? Here's how

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Auto-Generate IDs on the Enroll Form

To trigger auto-generated IDs to generate en masse on the Enroll Form, you should use the ID# field in the form settings. Follow these steps to set up an auto ID:

  1. Access your Enrollment Form by going to My Company --> Forms --> Enroll Form.

  2. Find the Section you need to add the field to (under Account Info, Enrollee Info, or Program Selection).

  3. After the default fields, click the plus button, and a list of the field elements will appear.

  4. Enter the label name and choose "ID" from the options.

  5. Click Add to add the field

  6. In the Field Settings, switch the toggle at the bottom of the ID# field settings to the "on" position, to enable auto-generated IDs. This will automatically generate unique ID numbers for each enrollment.

How to Generate an ID for Those Already Enrolled

Those who are already in your system will not be given an auto-generated ID, so you will need to go in and assign them their ID number manually. If you have an account where someone is already enrolled and needs a Student ID, you must go to their account, select the "Account" tab at the top, and then scroll down and hit "save". That resets the account and assigns an ID number.

How to Include the ID in the Enrollment Confirmation Email

Select the "Include in Primary Account Holder Confirmation Email" switch within the field settings. This will populate the Account ID in that confirmation email for them.

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