How to Delete an Invoice

Learn the steps to deleting a customer Invoice

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Do you have Invoices that need to be deleted? Follow these steps to delete one or more Invoices. NOTE: At this time, there is no way to delete Invoices in bulk.

Step 1 - Invoices Page

Head to the Invoices page. You can also do this on a Customer's Billing page by clicking "Manage" under "Current Invoices."

Step 2 - Edit Invoice

Once you see the list of Invoices, click "Edit" beside the one you wish to delete:

Step 3 - Delete Charges, Credits, Payments

Once the Invoice is open, click the three dots beside each Charge, Payment and/or Credit:

Then click "Delete Transaction" at the bottom right to delete the transaction:

Step 4 - Delete Invoice

The final step is to delete the empty Invoice itself. Go back to the Invoice list (you may have to refresh your page). You should now see an Invoice with a trashcan icon to the right, like this:

Click the trashcan icon, then "Yes" to delete the Invoice.

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