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How to Delete a Location
How to Delete a Location

Steps to deleting permanently a Location you have access to

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If you have created a Location and need to delete it, you will have to have access to the Location in order to delete it. That means that on your Admin profile, that Location is listed under "Role & Assignments," like this:

NOTE: If you DO NOT have access to the Location, you can have another Admin user who does have access delete the Location. If no Admin users have access, contact Enrollsy via chat and we can delete it for you.

Follow these steps to delete a Location you have access to:

Step 1 - Select Location

Click on the currently selected Location/your email address on the upper right-hand side of the screen. A window will appear.

Location name in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Archive Location

Click the cog icon on the right of the Location you are editing. Then click the archive icon to FIRST archive the Location.

Step 3 - Delete Location

Once the Location is archived, click the cog icon again, then select the trashcan icon to delete the Location.

If you make a mistake when archiving a Location, click the "Unarchive" button BEFORE deleting the Location. Once you delete the Location, it cannot be undeleted, so be sure you want to delete that Location.

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