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How to Add Enrollsy to a Webflow Site
How to Add Enrollsy to a Webflow Site

Looking for the easiest way to take enrollments and manage the back office with a Webflow website? Look no further.

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Adding Enrollsy to your Webflow site is easy to do. Here's what you need:

  1. A Webflow website

  2. An Enrollsy account (get one here or schedule a demo to see if Enrollsy is a good fit)

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Copy your embed code from Enrollsy

  2. Paste the embed code into Webflow's Embed element

Once you have what you need and you understand what to do, here's how to do it:

Step 1 - Get your embed code from Enrollsy

You can get your embed code from the Enroll page by clicking the circle button in the top right and selecting the option Add to website.

How to add Enrollsy's embed code to your Webflow Website

You can also get the code from the My Company page by clicking the button below your links:

Find your Embed code in Enrollsy on the My Company Page

Either way, you'll be prompted to select how you want to add Enrollsy to your site:

Choose rather you will embed an Enrollsy button or a text link with your Webflow site.

First, select which page you want to embed (Enroll Form, Customer Sign In, Gift Card, or Browse):

Select which element from Enrollsy you want to integrate with your Webflow site.

Next, you can change your button text and style using the Design Settings (you can of course write custom CSS in the HTML embed editor later in Webflow):

Edit the design settings of your Enrollsy button for Webflow

If you're embedding the Enroll Form (we will soon be adding this same functionality for the Browse page as well), you can prefill a Location, Enrollment Period, and a Program into your code snippet:

Customizing the Enrollsy button for Webflow

Step 2 - Add to Webflow

Open your Webflow site and paste your embed code into the HTML Embed Code Editor you've added to your page:

Adding Enrollsy's embed code to your Webflow site.

Click publish to see your code and test your embed element!

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