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How to Add Icons to the Enroll Form
How to Add Icons to the Enroll Form

Pretty up your Enroll Form by adding custom icon to your custom fields

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Enrollsy has a nifty feature where we allow you to customize the icons that show up beside each custom field or question on the Enroll Form. If you don't set these icons, they are the default icons that look similar to this:

NOTE: Custom icons are ONLY available for custom fields, NOT for default fields.

Here are the steps to edit these icons:

Step 1 - Field Settings

Access your Enroll Form by going to My Company > Forms > Enroll Form. Click the cog beside the field or question to open up field settings.

Step 2 - Design Settings

Under Design settings, select Icon. Choose an icon by entering a search term in the search bar. For example, to find an icon for a "Student ID" field, you can enter the search term "ID" as shown below.

Step 3 - View Icons on Enroll Form

The last step is to view how the icons look on the Enroll Form. To do this click "Enroll" on the left menu bar. Find the fields under the correct section to see how your custom icons look

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