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Change Where Enrollees are Directed After Enrollment
Change Where Enrollees are Directed After Enrollment

Enter a custom URL to direct customers to a specific webpage after enrolling

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In the My Company settings under "Enroll Form," you can change the default URL where Enrollees are redirected after enrollment. By default, everyone is directed to the home page of the Customer Portal.

You will see a rocket ship icon in the upper-right corner if you have not yet launched. If your company has already launched (is live), you will see a person icon in the upper-right corner. Click on that icon to get to the My Company page.

Click on the Enroll Form setting on the left menu bar. Under this setting will be a block called "Redirect URL." Copy and paste the website URL where you want all your customers to be directed after enrollment.

Be sure to click "Save Settings" to save the new landing page:

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