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Enrollment Cards and Payment Plans
Enrollment Cards and Payment Plans

Learn how to view and edit Enrollment Cards and the Payment Plans inside them

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Enrollment Cards

Each enrollment creates an Enrollment Card inside the Account Holder's Billing tab in Enrollsy, see below:

These cards contain the details about the enrollment including the Program name, the selected Class(es), and any Payment Plan(s) selected or subsequently added by an Admin. So, Enrollment Cards may look different depending on the enrollment model chosen for each Program and/or if an Admin has manually added Payment Plans.

Viewing Multi-List Classes

To view Classes for Multi-List Programs, select the View Class dropdown (not the View link) and then select the List and then the Class.

Adding Payment Plans After Enrollment

You may need to add a Payment Plan after an enrollment has happened. This might be the case because additional services or Classes have been added to the enrollment or for some other reason. There are two states you can find an Enrollment Card in:

A state without a payment plan:

A state with one or more payment plans:

Should I Create a Program or Class Level Payment Plan?

If you need to add a Payment Plan manually, here are a few important considerations:

  1. You can manually create a Program or Class level Payment Plan for any enrollment, regardless of its Enrollment Model.

  2. Program level Payment Plans do not report financial information at the Class level, so if you need to have reporting for payments or invoices at the Class level, please use a Class level Payment Plan

Adding a Payment Plan at the Program level will result in the Class set to None in the Enrollment Card. Otherwise, when a Payment Plan is on a Class, the name of the Class will appear.

How to Delete a Payment Plan

After locating the Payment Plan you wish to delete, follow these steps:

  • Click the Edit button under the Payment Plan name.

  • Click "Change" and then "Remove this payment plan." This will remove ALL the payment events for this enrollment.

  • A message will appear giving you this warning before proceeding:

    remove a payment plan in Enrollsy
  • Click "Remove" to remove it.

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