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About Syncing Invoices with Advanced Payments
About Syncing Invoices with Advanced Payments

What to do if Accounts have Payments that are not linked to Invoices

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At this time, Admin users can't link invoices to payments or sync current invoices with the account balance. This typically happens when a customer pays before the invoice is posted to the account.

If the Account has auto-pay turned on, the account will be reconciled automatically.

Accounts that have auto-pay turned off, do not automatically get reconciled. For these types of Accounts, we will have to manually sync any advanced payments to open or current invoices. For us to do this, please use the chat button within Enrollsy to provide us with the account email address. Please choose these options in the in-app chat box:

* View support menu (account issues)

* Account Reconciliation

Be sure to include the account email address of the accounts to be reconciled.

Invoices Not Paid Due to a Credit

If you have any invoices not paid due to a credit on the account, you can remedy this by doing the following:

1- Delete the credit

1- Go to the open Invoice (click manage under current invoice)

2- Click Edit to open the invoice

3- Click the plus button

4- Click Post Credit and add the credit)

5- Click Post to save

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