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How to Change your Card/Bank Information
How to Change your Card/Bank Information

How to add or change your payment information on your Enrollsy subscription account

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You have an Enrollsy admin user account to log into to use the application. You cannot manage your subscription with us from the app.

You can sign in to the Enrollsy app from this URL:

Step 1 - Home/Payments Page

Click on the menu in the upper-right corner and click on the Home page.

Step 2 - Make a Payment

Click the "Make a Payment" button. A window will pop up where you can enter the amount and payment method.

Step 3 - Payment Method

To edit the payment method, scroll to the area that says "Payment info on file," and click "Edit."

You can set up a new account if there is not already a method on file. To change a payment method, delete the current payment method by clicking the trashcan icon. Add the new information.

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