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Time to add pricing into your Program and Class settings

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Once your Programs and Classes have been built, you will need to edit the program (or class if you decided to put pricing on the class level) to include pricing and discounts. Select edit next to the program in question and scroll down to the pricing section.

Step 1: Configure Pricing

Choose from three pricing configurations:

  • Free - If you do not charge for your program, then simply select Free, click save, and then you’re done! Move on to the next step.

  • Fixed Cost - Select this option if your Program collects Installments, Scheduled Payments, and/or Pay-in-full Options.

  • Subscription - Use this option if your program has repeated payments from the date of enrollment until cancelled, with no pay-in-full option.

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Step 2: Add Charge and Discount Items

After you have selected which Payment Options you would like for Enrollees, you'll begin to add in the Charge Items you created previously, as well as the specific Charge Item amount.

Within the pricing section, you will also have the opportunity to create automatic discounts for your customers. Simply select the dollar sign symbol next to whichever charge item you would like to attach a discount.

To learn more about how to add Discounts to a Program, read here.

Step 3: Add Payment Plans (If Desired)

Select the "Add/Remove" Payment Plan button under "Payment Plans". Select the + icon to create a new payment plan and then select one of the three payment plan types:

  • Schedule - Select specific dates for the future payment events on the calendar.

  • Installments - Set a dynamic number of payments until a paid in full date or select a set number of payment that will occur weekly, monthly , or annually from the date of enrollment

  • Subscription - Payments repeat from the enrollment date or on a specific day of the month

Configure invoice or auto-pay reminders:

  • Determine if you would like to send a reminder. Select "Send", if so.

  • Decide how, to whom, and when you want invoices sent.

  • Click Submit to save any changes.

Step 4: Create Coupon Codes (If Desired)

Scroll down to the Enroll Form (Optional) section. Click on the down arrow beside Coupon Codes, then click the plus button.

Add the information for your Coupon Code, including the following:

  • Coupon Code/Auto-generate Code - Enter your own code or click the icon to auto-generate a code. Usually, this code is short and in all caps.

  • Label (optional) - Enter an optional label

  • "Applied" Message (optional) - Enter an optional "applied" message; in other words, a message stating what the Coupon Code applies to.

  • Expiration Date (Optional) - Enter an expiration date

  • Discount Item - Choose the Discount Item that goes with your Coupon Code (i.e., Sibling Discount or Current Enrollee Discount). To create a new Discount Item, check out this article.

  • Discount Amount - Here is where you put in the Coupon Code discount amount. You can choose from the following:

    • Discount Every Charge Item

      Percentage off every Charge Item

    • Discount Specific Charge Item(s)

      Percentage off one or more specific Charge Item(s). Choose the charge items to discount from the dropdown list.

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