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Test Pricing on Enroll Form

Ensure your pricing is set up correctly by completing a test enrollment

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The best way to ensure your pricing is set up appropriately, is to go through Test Enrollments. While in test mode, you can go through the Enroll Form to see what your customers will experience without having to put in payment information.

How to Test Pricing on the Enroll Form

Step 1: Get the Link

Copy the general Enroll Form Link by navigating to the My Company page and selecting the link icon next the "Enroll Form"

Step 2: Put the link into an Incognito browser or sign out of your Admin account

It is best to test the Enroll Form in an incognito browser (so you are not signed in as an Admin) and use one of the following Enroll links to enroll as a new Customer would.

Step 3: Complete the Enrollment Form

Complete the Enrollment Form, as though you were a customer. Once you get to section three of the Enrollment Form and make program selections, you should see the pricing you have configured.

Step 4: Test the Customer Account

Upon completion, you will see the "My Account" button on the Enrollment Confirmation page. Go ahead and login to your test enrollment customer account. Click around to get familiar with this account.

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