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Create a report of all Transactions made within a certain time frame

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If you need to run a report for any of the following, a Transactions Report may be what you need:

  • Payments made

  • Charges posted ("Debits")

  • Discounts given ("Credits")

  • Enrollees (students) and Programs/Classes enrolled in

How to Create a Transactions Report

The Transactions Report is available from the Reports page: Reports > Transactions. Follow these steps to create a Report of Transactions.

  1. If you have more than one Location, choose All Locations or a specific Location in the upper-right corner.

  2. Enter the dates you want to see transactions for and click Submit.

  3. Once you select the date range, the transactions are categorized in columns of transaction type:

    • Checks

    • Cash

    • Credit Card

    • ACH

    • Refunds

    • Charges

    • Credits

      Here is an example of the columns that populate:

      transaction report  in Enrollsy

      Click on the down arrow beside any of the columns to see all the transactions that happened on that day. For example, in the screenshot below, by clicking on the down arrow beside the charges "$300.90," you can view all the charges that made up that total.

How to Export the Report

Do you need to export this report to Microsoft Excel and view it in a custom format? You can export this list to a ".csv" file that can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets (or any other spreadsheet software). The button is located at the top of the report.

The following are the headings that are exported and can be sorted and filtered in any spreadsheet program:

  • Amount - The dollar amount of the transaction

  • Last 4 of the credit card number

  • Payment Type - Charge, Credit, ACH, Credit Card, Refund, etc.

  • Posted Date - Date the transaction was posted

  • Posted By - Account Holder name, Admin name, or "Enrollsy" for automated transactions

  • Private Comment - Any comments that can be viewed by the Account Holders

  • Invoice Memo - Any internal comments

  • ACH Status - Shows ACH transaction statuses (i.e., pending, settled, rejected)

  • Items - The specific Charge Item name or Discount Item name (i.e. "Tuition," "Sibling Discount")

  • Classification - The company name

  • Account Email - The Primary Account Holder's email address

  • Account Name - The Primary Account Holder's first and last name

  • Enrollee Name - The Enrollee's first and last name

  • Program - The Program name associated with the transaction (if any)

  • "first10Classes - The first 10 Classes the Enrollee is enrolled in associated with the transaction (if any)

  • Location - The location the Enrollee is enrolled in

How to the Print Report

From the transactions report (Menu > Reports > Transactions), you can print the results in a readable format from the top right.

print transaction summary in Enrollsy


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