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Learn how to filter and create Invoice Reports

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The Invoices page, located in the left-hand menu, is a great place to see an overview of all current, paid, and future invoices. Use this tool to keep track of revenue collected and projected revenue.

What To See on the Invoices Page

  • View current Invoices, paid Invoices, and future Invoices

  • Select Invoices on the left to print or export them

  • Click on “Edit” on the right to view additional details of that Invoice

  • Click on Primary Account Holder names as a shortcut to their Account’s Billing page

  • Click on Enrollee names to go to that Enrollee’s timeline

  • Click on the Class to go to that Class (on the Classes page)

  • You can also see who has Auto-Pay on or off. If it says "Credit Card" or "ACH," it means Auto-Pay is on for that payment method. Otherwise, it will say "Off."

Filter Invoices

Invoices can be filtered using the Filter button before exporting. You can filter Invoices in the following ways:

  • Payment Plan - Filter by Payment Plan name and view all those who currently have that specific Payment Plan.

  • Primary Account Holder - Filter by Primary Account Holder's first or last name.

  • Charges/Discounts - Filter by Charge Items (i.e., Tuition, Registration, Deposit, etc.) or Discounts (i.e., Sibling Discount, Scholarship, etc.)

invoice page filters in Enrollsy

Select "Filters" on the left side under Current Invoices, Paid Invoices, or Future Invoices to filter on that page:

Create an Invoice Report

Select the Invoices to export on the left, then select the export button at the top right. The following information will be exported:

  • Date

  • Days Past Due

  • Payment Plan

  • Amount

  • Status (i.e., paid, unpaid, etc.)

  • Invoice Balance

  • Enrollee name

  • Enrollment

  • Class

  • Primary Account Holder name

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