How to Prevent Texts from Getting Blocked

Learn what you can do to make sure texts go through and not get filtered.

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We want to ensure that your texts get through and not be filtered. Message filtering involves the prevention of undesirable or prohibited messages. Filtering may happen to uphold our SMS texting provider (Twilio)'s standards or adhere to regulatory and wireless carrier messaging policies. For a better understanding of message filtering, please take a look at the article How Does Message Filtering Work?

To safeguard your messages from being filtered, adhere closely to Twilio's Acceptable Use Policy, Messaging Policy, and the CTIA's Best Practices. Also, please don't send spam or engage in fraudulent activities.

Use Case

Review Twilio's SMS Guidelines specific to the country where you're sending messages. Twilio regularly updates these pages with the best practices for each country. Prior to sending messages to the United States or Canada, verify that your use case does not fall under the Forbidden message categories for SMS and MMS in these regions.

Message Content

  • URL Shortening - Don't send links that have been shortened by publicly shared URL shorteners like TinyUrl. The United States carrier policies discourage the use of such shared, public URL shorteners, emphasizing the importance of a proprietary, properly branded URL shortener (see details here). Even though other countries don't entirely prohibit the use of public URL shorteners, it's not recommended. Use a dedicated short domain if you plan to include shortened URLs in your messages. For details, see How can I send shortened URLs (links) in my messages?

  • Domains - Using URLs employed by other services or individuals can sometimes trigger filtering. This practice heightens the risk, as another user sharing the same URL domain could send spam or objectionable content, leading to the domain being flagged by filtering systems. Obfuscated URLs, often utilized in spoofing or phishing attempts, are also subject to filtering.

  • Avoid the use of emojis, unnecessary special characters, or excessive capitalization, and ensure careful attention to grammar and spelling. Messages structured in an attempt to evade detection of unwanted messaging are typically filtered.

  • Avoid sending content that is illegal in your jurisdiction or prohibited by carriers. See Forbidden message categories for SMS and MMS in the US and Canada for additional information.

I suspect that my messages are being filtered by mistake. What steps should I take?

Twilio tries to ensure that customers do not encounter filtering on legitimate messaging that adheres to all relevant regulations. If you have thoroughly reviewed the provided information and believe your messages comply with Twilio and carrier policies, follow these steps:

  1. Gather three or more undelivered message examples within the last 7 days.

  2. Contact Enrollsy via the in-app chat button or by email. We can look up the numbers to be sure they have the "undelivered" status (error code 30007).

  3. Reach out to the Twilio Support team who can assist in reviewing your messaging and determining if an error occurred, and can connect you with their Compliance team if necessary.

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