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Account Management

Everything you need to know about managing your Account Holders, Enrollees, and Enrollments

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Account Holders

All about account holders and accounts

How to Merge Duplicate AccountsSometimes you may have two identical accounts and need them combined into one. Here's what to do in that case.
How to Search for an AccountFinding someone's account in Enrollsy is simple
How to Search for an Inactive AccountHow inactive accounts show up in Enrollsy
How to Change an Enrollee Account to the Primary Account HolderIs the Enrollee and Primary Account Holder the same person? Here's how Admins can make that change
How to Find an Account pageHow to find your Enrollees' Account information in Enrollsy
How to Give an Account Holder AccessEnrollsy allows a Secondary Account Holder full access through the app or a browser with their own email and password.
What Happens When an Account is DeactivatedLearn what happens when an Account is made inactive
How to Delete an Unneeded AccountIf you have an Account that was made in error and needs to be deleted, learn how to get that done
How to Create a Customer Account Without EnrollingAdmin Users don't have to enroll someone to create an Account
When Someone Enrolls, Does That Create an Account?What happens when an Admin or Account Holder enrolls?
Can Account Holders Log In on Two Different Devices?Enrollsy allows login on the App and through a link
Is Someone Considered "Active" When They Enroll?Any Enrollment means an Account is "active"
Can Account Holders Have Two Different Emails on the Same Account?Email addresses in Enrollsy
Does the Primary Account Holder Log In with the Same Email They Enrolled With?How to login in as an Account Holder
Can Inactive Accounts Access their Account?What Account Holders do with their Account once they are no longer active
How to Handle Accounts that Need to be SeparatedLearn four options to manage accounts that need to be divided into separate accounts