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All the tips and tricks you need to implement Enrollsy

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Implementation Steps

Steps to getting implemented

Step 1: Add Merchant AccountsComplete your Merchant Account application(s) to accept payment through Enrollsy
Step 2: Company CreationBegin customizing Enrollsy to make it your own
Step 3: Add LocationsLet your customers know where you're located
Step 4: Customize Enroll FormCustomize your dream Enrollment Form to make enrollment easy for you and your customers
Step 5: Create Required DocumentsAdd documents for Account Holders to complete and say goodbye to tracking down paperwork
Step 6: Create E-Signature DocumentsCreate legally binding documents that can be auto-filled and signed in minutes
Step 7: Create Activity FormsBuild Forms to attach to your Activities for download/upload
Step 8: Create Custom ActivitiesDesign Activities to enable specific communication between a Class, Instructor, or Enrollee
Step 9: Create Charge ItemsAdd a Charge Item for everything you plan to charge money for
Step 10: Create Discount ItemsAdd all of the Discounts you provide by creating Discount Items
Step 11: Create InstructorsAdd a name, photo, contact, bio, and role for each Instructor
Step 12: Create Admin UsersDecide who your Admin Account Users are to give them the right Permissions and Roles
Step 13: Create Enrollment Period(s)Find out what an Enrollment Period is and build your own
Step 14: Create Program OptionsDesign the options to present to Enrollees to funnel them into the correct Program
Step 15: Create ProgramsDesign the Programs you want your customers to Enroll into
Step 16: Create ClassesNow that your Programs are built, go ahead and add classes within your Programs
Step 17: TestNow for the fun part! Test what you created to make sure it's looking just right