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Programs are the fundamental building block of Enrollsy; Classes are nested inside of Programs and are the placeholders for active enrollments

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About Program CreationUnderstanding Locations, Enrollment Periods, and Program Settings when creating Programs
How to create Program optionsThere are many ways to create Programs in Enrollsy. This article helps you get organized and understand the best options for you company.
How to create a Drop-In ProgramLearn three different ways to make a program with no fixed schedule
About the Program "Enrollment ends on" DateFind out the reason you may need to add a date that enrollment ends on one or more Programs
How to create a ProgramNeed to know the basics of creating a new Program? Here's how
How to complete the Enroll Form section of the Program EditorAdd coupon codes, program fields or documents to your customized Enroll Form
How to create age restrictions on ProgramsNeed to restrict Programs based on age? Enrollsy has you covered!
How to add a Program nicknameNow you can add an internal (Admin-only view) Program Nickname!
How to view examples of ProrationNeed a calculation example of how prorating works? Enrollys has one!
How age restrictions workLearn how Enrollsy handles age restrictions
How to set up a Pay-in-Full Only ProgramProgram only have one price due at enrollment? Here's how to set it up.
How to add Transportation with limited capacityLearn how to create a Program and Class to transport your Enrollees
How to create a subsidy ProgramIf you accept government subsidy payments, you can now set up a program for those
How to add a daily rate or a custom fee to an AccountSteps to adding pricing to an Individual Customer Account who are on subsidy

How to edit Program OptionsLearn how to change the options someone chooses when enrolling
How to archive ProgramsHave older programs that you want to hide? Here's what happens when you do
How to change Program namesWhat if your Program names change? You can easily make those adjustments in one place and have them updated throughout Enrollsy.
How to import Program OptionsLearn how to easily add Program Options via a spreadsheet!
How to delete a Program or ClassNeed to remove Classes or Programs? Here's how.
How to add Content to a ProgramUploading Zoom meetings, YouTube links, Vimeo links, and other Content to your Enrollees to view in the Customer Portal
How to bulk update ProgramsEnrollsy allows you to update many programs at once
How to add a Program to multiple LocationsIf you offer the same Program (or Classes within that Program) at multiple Locations, this article will show you how to do this.
How to duplicate ProgramsSave time and effort by copying your Programs or entire Enrollment Periods!
How to edit an existing ClassDid you Class names change or did you hire a new Instructor? Change your Class details with ease.
How to cancel a Class as an AdminLearn what you need to do to cancel a Class with/without Enrollments
How to add a Class DescriptionClass Descriptions are optional, but can describe your class in more detail
How to change Class CapacityYou can edit the number of Enrollees/students who can be in a class at one time
How to edit Class dates on the Enrollment confirmation emailDates wrong on the enrollment email? Here's how to edit them
How to edit Program or Class schedulesProgram or Class times or dates change? Here's how to change those!
How to add an image to your ClassesNeed to add a photo to your Class description