A Birthday Email is a newsletter that automatically sends to only members / subscribers having their birthday today. It will be sent based on the timezone for your website.

This is how to set up a Birthday E-mail:

Step 1/3 : Birthday Newsletter Settings

Fill out the fields listed below, and click on the Save Changes button.

  • Campaign Name: A name that will help you identify the campaign.

  • E-Mail Subject: The subject of the email to be sent.

  • From Address: The address that subscribers will see when they receive the newsletter.

  • Reply Address: The address where email replies to the newsletter will be sent.

  • Template: Select the campaign template to use for the birthday email.

Step 2/3 : Add Content

You can set up or manage the content with Content Editor stack items for the birthday email. You can create as many items as you want here.

For details on stack item settings, you can check out our article here: https://intercom.help/envisionwise/en/articles/2110183-editing-a-stack-item-s-settings

Once you are all set with your content for your stack item, near the top click on the Edit Content button to return to managing or adding in more items; or click the Birthday E-Mail button to return to the main tool.

Step 3/3 : Testing & Preview

This is a very important step as this allows you to test and preview your birthday email - to test to see if there is no broken links / images, if there is no mistakes with information or text, or (in general) if everything looks correct. If you are happy with it, you can leave your Birthday Email as "set up and finished".

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